Covid-19 Rules and Guidance

Step 3 - Pathway to Recovery 

Members/Parents/Guardians/Guest & Visitors of Portadown Tennis Club must adhere to the following guidelines as part of Step 3 of the NI executive’s Pathway to Recovery to be able to play.

Follow the Signs when arriving and leaving the Club. A One-Way system has been established where required.

To access the Portadown Tennis Club everyone must:

  • Be a current member (Membership paid May 2020 to April 2021) or taking part in the Junior October Squads

  • A parent/guardian must accompany any player under 18 years, however juniors must be dropped off outside the club for the summer camps

  • Not have been out of the Common Travel Area - CTA in the last 14 days

    • CTA is defined as : England, Scotland, Wales, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man

    • Some international countries are exempt also. Please check here : Returning from countries where no isolation is required.

  • Not have been around someone with symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 14 days

  • Not be in a period of self-isolation and/or required to shield under the current Health Policy Rules

  • Not be displaying COVID-19 symptoms

  • Have a pre-reserved court with all players named (See Court Bookings Menu)

  • Bring their own equipment (Rackets, tennis balls & drinks)

    • Tennis balls may be shared under a strict hygiene regime

Protocol for ARRIVING at the Club

  • All must adhere to the social distancing protocol implemented for arriving at the club, waiting to go on court, play and leaving the court and complex.


  • Hand sanitiser dispensers have been deployed at all courts and the front gate

  • No spectators or visitors other than one parent/guardian accompanying a child are permitted

  • No spectators or visitors are permitted at the Summer Camps

  • The floodlights will not be operational

  • The clubhouse will remain closed. Emergency access to Defibrillator, Fire Ext. & First Aid only

  • Gates at courts will either be closed & secured or left open.

  • There will be no chairs, net winders on court

  • The Mini-Court will not be available at this time

  • It is recommended to bring your own hand sanitiser or disinfectant wipes

Protocol for PLAYING & LEAVING the Club

  • Finish play 10 minutes before the end of the booking and leave promptly keeping to social distancing when leaving

  • Singles and Doubles play is now permitted (List all players on your court booking request)

  • Keep social distance when changing ends and to adjacent courts

  • Do not share equipment (rackets, tennis balls for serving, towels, etc)

    • Shared use of tennis balls is permissible following a strict hygiene regime

  • Use hand sanitiser before and after play

  • Keep social distance of 2 meters to anyone when exiting the courts

  • Use your own gloves to open the front gate lock and lock up after you have left the club

Protocol for COACHING at the Club

  • All coaching must be pre-booked through Daniel Bennett and Payments must be made electronically.

  • Lessons will begin on the hour and last for 50min to allow 10 minutes for players to leave the premises and the next players to arrive from their lesson.

  • All players to bring their own equipment, ie rackets, balls & drinks

  • Coaching is no longer limited to 1-to-1 sessions

  • Players must arrive at the time of booking and ready to play. Please wait in the designated area if players are on court still

  • Players under 18 must be accompanied and made aware of the protocols and guidelines of the club

  • Use court side hand sanitisers before and after play

  • Players should not pick up coaching balls


NI Government

Coronavirus (COVID-19): overview and advice


Public Health Agency


Ulster Tennis Guidance


Portadown Tennis Club specific Guidelines & Protocol detailed on this page.

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